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I just placed an order. When will I get my decoys?

  • Your order will ship out within 3 business days. 


How are the AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS powered?

  • We’ve found performance & simplicity in the field with a single C-cell battery


How long will the decoy run without changing the batteries?

  • Our lab testing indicates 18+ hours of use before a simple battery change is required.


How shallow of water will the decoy still work in?

  • The wadder needs a minimum of 3 inches of water.


When did AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS start making decoys?

  • We started making motion duck decoys in 1988 under the name Legg Action Decoys™


What happens If I get water inside the decoy body?

  • Our decoys are highly water resistant. The internal wiring is coated in shrink tubing and the 115V motor is sealed in silicone.


Where is the best location in my normal decoy spread  to place the AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS™?

    • We like the outside edge areas. Your AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS™ will actually swim around in an area of about 6 feet so leaving room for them to “come alive” without tangling is recommended

Can I order standard stationary decoys from AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS

  • YES! We have teamed up with FLAMBEAU OUTDOORS ™ to offer stormfront decoys with the UVision specialized coating.


I broke my AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS™. What now?

    • Return your broken decoy to AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS We can repair or replace most any broken components for $25.00 + the return postage. ($12 per decoy)


Does AIR BOSS MOTION DECOYS™ have other products besides decoys?

  • YES! We will soon be offering the following accessories the ever discriminating duck hunter needs: wind decoys, diving decoys, dove decoys, duck calls, lanyards, decoy bags, duck straps, Texas rig weights, logo apparel, thermos/cups, dog collars & leads, whistles, vests & platforms. Check back often & subscribe to out newsletter to stay up to date on new products!


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