Product Info

We have a special relationship with Flambeau Outdoors & NOBODY beats our ability to visually attract and pull ducks in close.  


General Information:

  • All decoy bodies are fabricated using Flambeau Storm Front UVision Enhanced Mallard decoy bodies.
  • 1 C-cell battery is required (not included)
  • We recommend to carry/store the AIR BOSS™ Decoys in a separate bag from the rest of your spread decoys, to prevent undue damage
  • Our lab testing has shown our decoys to function efficiently in as little as 3" of water & operate more than 18 hours on one battery.



  1. To install the C-cell battery simply lift the front of the duck body off the foam about 2 inches for access to battery receiver

  2. Make sure the body of the duck is returned to its "settled" position before use. The body & the foam are connected by wire so you don't have to worry about them getting separated.

  3. Attach the weight of your choice to the "eye screw" located in the front of the foam body. We like the ft. TEXAS RIG, of course. 

  4. If you have any further questions or need assistance please email us at









Performing a little maintenance & cleaning after each hunt will prevent problems at 5:00 AM in the dark.

Maintenance Recommendations : 

  • Your decoy has been individually "tuned" to factory settings at all connection & swivel points. Periodically you will need to check & reset the hardware that is located underneath the duck body. This will help maintain optimal unrestricted movement. 
  • The motor shaft & the counterweight should be lubricated after each use with the a light oil to help prevent rusting and freedom of movement. Inattention to the motor driveshaft can cause permanent damage. 
  • It is recommended that after each hunt that you raise the duck body about 1 inch of the front to allow for open air circulation, cleaning, maintenance & drying.

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